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open your eyes girl,
isnt it a bit too long
i've been waiting by your bedside
of soft earth and grass

look at the stars so lovely
they beckon you to gaze at them
for even they are waiting
for your eyes to savour them...

the night is spreading its cover,
of smooth dark velvet
over your ivory skin
it cradles u in ur sleep

the sun rises with hope
of not the new day
but it awaits its sunshine
thats lost with your smile...

my pain seems so little
when i look at all of them
they seem so lost
in the gloom of your absence...

-Eon Heath

P.s.- its been really long that i posted just putting up this post that i had written a few months back...
a bit cuaght up with work these days, will be back...soon.. ;-)
n my sincere apologies to all my friends for not catching up with your posts... :(

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NOT just another day...

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Ok, Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well, i would say, this is not the kinda Birthday i have each year... (Don’t even ask how it usually is...) Its different this year....all the people who generally are around are far...n people who i haven't met are here with me...well not physically here, but i am talking to almost all my blog buddies simultaneously...
Over this past few months, this blog, has been more than a portal to me, it’s been my savior... (Wondering how?? well that's for the melodramatic effect) i have met so many beautiful people here...when i say beautiful, i mean, beautiful on the inside... ;-) it’s always better to be specific... ;-) n well today they are a part of my day. Talking to them, messaging, making fun...
this day has been something...we say we grow an year older, n probably wiser... ( i don't really know how much more wiser i would turn out... :-/) i guess you people would beg to differ on that... :P

i was feeling low last night, thinking about the crazy adventures i had with my kamine (useless) friends, on either of our thing we did no matter what was, BOOZE!!! And here, poor me have to do with the desi fermented daru... :-/ (Ok, don't make that “ewww" look of disgust on your faces....heard of the phrase. “Majboori Ka Naam Gandhi??") But then, i was chatting with someone till the wee hours of morning...(morning for her, night for me... :D) n well the whole night my phone too refused to stop felt good.. (Though on normal days i would have got frustrated for my sleep being disturbed...) but like i said, it felt people messaging even from the STATES.. (BEEG THING RIGHT???) well she wished me after like four of five it was a beeg thing...and in the morning, right since i logged in of fb, n gtalk...people started wishing me... :) it’s good to know people are happy for you... :D

And well how can I forget all the SPECIAL people on fb who made full use of my resolution to be a good boy on my birthday, and had so much fun at my expense….well, for you guys, only one line…. “there is always a tomorrow..” you’ll be sorry…. *he ha ha ha ha…* <--- that is my Mogambo style laughter…

And to all those who said my DP is SCARY!!!! (yes the 2 of you…) Dubai se bhai ka phone aayega tumhe… :P

n well i don't really want to drag this long, but, i just wanted to thank all my friends...yeah you people, whom i me through this blog...n well, i wanted to tell you people, "you are people mean a lot... :)"

OK, too much lets get practical...don't DARE TO ASK ME FOR BDAY TREAT WITHOUT TELLING ME WHAT IS MY BDAY can mail it to...well interested people can contact me here to get my mailing address... "Incoming free hai bhai.."

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the tears streaming down
my eyes,
are just memories
of your smile...

i cant let go
the days you were mine,
for its all of you
that i'll ever  have...

scarred, i am drenched
in this crimson tide,
the pain is only
on the inside...

i wish i could say
am over those days,
but thats where, unhealed,
my heart still lays....


Eon Heath
p.s. - no image for this post and no title too....its as incomplete as my thoughts and my dumb head*.... :)

* - this point is added on the kind request of Poonam.doc who happens to have a wonderful blog here.. (psst pssst, she also tops my list of "doctors to be away from" :D)

The Dawning...

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The ink has dried,
The words are gone,
Have your memories

Like the autumn leaves
carried by the wind,
why does everything seem,
so incomplete…

Praying for sun,
when it comes pouring down,
why has this rain,
become so tormenting…

Tears of pain
has dried in my eyes,
yet I smile,
knowing nothing will change…

As the time flies
out of my life,
I walk, leaving behind
What was once mine…

-Eon Heath

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Happpyyy Me... :D

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Ok...a couple of weeks back this bebe was spreading positive vibes through her fab blog, and she happened to shower some on me too...

Thank you so much Kanika!!! You all can read her blog here...she calls it "Sensitive Chaos" and it is so full of life!! you'll find yourself agreeing to most of what she says... :) follow it, coz, one "not so fine day" when you are feeling low, reading her post will surely bring a smile on your face... :) my word for it.

And passing on this award will have to wait for now for the desert calls me and i feel it wouldnt be fair if i just pass this on without proper words saying why i give it to someone, like an introduction...

and friends, well, as most of you would be knowing, am currently romancing the sands and so am not being able to post anything... :(

will be back soon....


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I play this game of numbers,
Its an equilibrium of chance…
In this world full of change,
They never seem to break their trance…

I throw a two at a couple,
And draw a three
when I see a crowd…
but why is it?
That loneliness
Always ends its count at one…

I try and balance
Life in between their spaces,
And I try to hear
What they seldom say loud…
My mind goes blank
And for the void it brings,
A zero is all I have…

I played this game of numbers,
An equilibrium of chance…
In this world of constant change,
I have learnt
To hold on, to my trance…

-Eon Heath

p.s.- This particular post is inspired by two people, or rather, their creation. The first one being Sting's "Shape of My Heart" and the second is, well a fellow blogger...
Vaisakhi, your this particular post, "Rolling dice" was simply the best!! and yes, it inspired me to write this one... :)


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Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

What was i hoping,
What was i planning,
why couldnt i see it coming?
Its agonizing,

Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

The anger rising,
its tantalizing,
Forcing me into breaking
am choking
dying inside...

Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

am still living...

-Eon Heath

p.s. nothing. am fine. its just a writng.

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A Moonlit Romance...

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Under the moonlit sky,
I look at you n into your eyes..
They allure me towards you
And i know its not just my mind..

I feel the passion
Rekindling the desire
To feel you again
N savour your soul...

I crawl near n pull you close
You arch back
With that vicious smile
Just to tease me more...

I taste your lips
N can feel the lust
Steadily burning the fire
To quench my thirst...

You sway to my rhythm
The moment reaching our core,
N in this sacred union
You make my being whole...

The night lingers to an end
But leaves no trace behind
Of how our sensuous bodies
Had interwined...

-Eon Heath

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Why am I so confused
with what I think
I refuse to believe
In those sweet nothings…
I walk looking for
Empty streets…
Often ending up
At the place we meet…

Am still to forget
The ways of your smile
And I cant give up
Treating myself unkind…

The look of your eyes
Tell me you are still mine
And its just not wise
To let someone reside…

This transition of my life
Is something
I cant stand this time…
Wake me up
Or let me sleep
I wanna get better
than just memories……
I say, should I give up
Or should I fight
Keep on dreaming
Of you each night…

- Eon Heath

i cant really say what provoked me to write had something to do with a conversation with a fellow blogger and a little bit of the draught going on..
jokes apart, there are moments that question the foundation of your belief, your faith...tried to capture on such moment for me...

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Enigma, Me...

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Take a stroll
down the street,
It runs through
a few memories...

talk to a stranger
at some random spot,
his words would remind you
of my thoughts...

just linger along
in those emptiness,
you'll find yourself
aching for my presence...

but life aint
some gypsies' wonderball,
it shows no future
just lurks in the past....

-Eon Heath

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The chain of thoughts,
Often digs up the past…
Reminds me of the days,
Of the deeds and words
That were left halfway…

The nights are filled,
With my shattered dreams…
Revelling in my eyes,
Is the numbness of this pain
Memoirs of the crimson stream…

I shouldn’t have tried
Slaying these monsters
Of the bay…
In their vicious smile,
Is where my happiness lay…

-Eon Heath

p.s.- No nothings for why this post is is long acceptence to myself.

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Woh shaam phir yaad aayi…

Teri zulfon mein ghul gaya tha yun,
Ke raat ki chadar odh li ho jaise…
Teri saanso ko pee gaya yun,
Ki apne hone ka ehsaas kho gaya jaise…
Teri aankhon mein doob gaya yun,
Ki har lamhaa tham gaya jaise…

Phir na jaane kyun, yaadein,
is sham ki tanhayi mein aa samayi…
beete dino mein behte,
who kuch palon ko saath layi…
shayad is jam ke paymane ne,
teri rooh ko hai sang layi…

phir saaki ne pila di,
aur woh shaam phir yaad aayi….

- Eon Heath

p.s.- Today a certain incident made me think about memories...memories of those days gone by...i donno, just wish Mallya would take over this place soon...

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A Lady, The Lady.

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I was born to give life,
I lived to nurture it,
I love, so I am…

They seek, for they believe
I am their mother,
And I can set them free…

They try to capture,
What they forget
Is not theirs…

I endure in silence,
Their wounds of lies,
For I know pain…

I carry their guilt,
Of robbing my soul,
For they themselves are weak…

I play their acts,
Of many a roles,
For its them I deceive…

I walk in shadows,
And give them my light,
For their blindness I pity…

They say am caged,
To the chains of their mercy,
Ignorance is my bliss…

I laugh and cry,
At these mortal beings,
For I am the woman they seek…

Ok, the image, well its a painting by Raja Ravi Varma. and its not for the painting that i wrote these lines, but infact after writing those words when i thought about the type of picture that i needed, all i could think of was, the person who first showed me this picture. To tell more about her would be like a story of an eternity, for we know each other since i donno, since my brains got the power to know i guess...(Though it may not seem so, but its a real long time back!!)

Hey, miss you... :)

Eon Heath...(***di)

By the Window, She stands...

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The sun shines high,
The alleys stay deserted...
The night sets in,
Life brews...

They come in herds, men.
To buy what they lack,
A few, to find what they lost.

The alleys sell love,
A filth in light,
Treasured till dawn...

She stands by the window,
Looking for love,
Or selling hers?

Most savage her,
A few savour,
In the end, none care...

She takes them all,
A few lovers,
The rest lechers...

She is tainted,
For she takes
The sorrows of the day...

And yet in the nights,
The very mouths,
Seek her arms solace...

The day rises,
She retreats...
The night engulfs,
By the window, she is...

image - istockphoto

An Accusation.

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What is a post? What is a poem? Ok, lets us go back. What are words? Still back, why do we write? I have heard and come to believe, that we write to express, and words are the bridge that lets us express. It helps us convey our emotions, feelings that build up inside, and that may be joy, pain, love, hatred, anything.
Bu then, why don’t we sing? Or why don’t we paint? Why don’t we dance? We do. We paint the words to dance, to the tune of our will. To express.

I was told, “Words are sacred, respect them.” And so I did. I always try to check for typos, though at times I overlook them. I try to write the full word and not use our modern “sms lingo” but at times I still do. I try not to be profane. For it would wash off their purity. But then, at times I cannot help, I become weak. I fail to check my language and curse the people who show dis-respect to what I believe is pure.

I write, when I feel the words building in me. I write when am touched inside. Touched by beauty, pain, or love. Today I write, for I am pained and there is dislike and anger. Why? For someone tainted the glass window, that showed me her picture. I know it still doesn’t make sense, what I say, but have patience my friends, for I will reveal my intentions.

People who write have the gift of expressing their thoughts through words. And people who read them, and leave a note commenting on them, have the gift to understand those words. My friends, we all are here on Blogger to express our thoughts and relate to others. To learn from each other. There are no rules for writing. You are free to write anything on your blogs. And the readers have the choice to read what they wish to. We do not follow a blog to get readership for ourselves, nor do we write for comments. We read to understand, to relate, and to communicate. And we write for the same.

Now, suppose a daily scenario, where you read a post and relate to it very well. Next thing, you leave a comment expressing the delight, your joy on being able to relate to it. The beauty, of the authorship, of those words which could touch your soul. Next thing, next time, you are eager to read his compositions, for who could weave such beauty once can surely do it again. You read, you comment. But then, what happens if those words lie? No, words can never lie. It’s the hand that wields the pen that has lied!! And its deceit he has lead you into, for making you believe that those words were his.

Why? Only that person can answer that question. What makes us so selfish to plagiarise someone else’s art and name them ours? Why can’t we appreciate the beauty of those words? Why do we have to darken our souls and steal?
Yes, this post is about it. Plagiarism. A dreaded word for an author. A sign of disrespect towards a gift. Blasphemy it is.

My dear friends, I wish put in front of your judgement, a situation. A fellow blogger has posted a write up under his name and collected all the accolades for it. Not anywhere has he mentioned the slightest of the hint that those words weren’t his.

The source from where it has been copied is not “Blogger” and the post is not a recent one. In fact, the person whose actual work it is, is a lady who had posted it way back on Nov 20th 2007. The link for which is this, and the link of the post, whose authenticity I question is this.

Sourav Pandey, I wish to hear from you. I wish you would drop a comment here on my blog. The person whose blog you have plagiarised is not my friend. The only relation we have is, we write. Yes, we WRITE. For me, writing is sacred gift. I respect it. You may claim that person to be you, for the author is incognito, but then, I ask, why would you write portraying yourself as a Lady? So I rule out the chance of it to be you.

Still if you do prove it your own, I promise you to write an apology similar to this accusation and post it here.

You have 372 followers and 1352 people liking your work. I feel disgusted thinking of the way you misguided them. For you lied to your friends, who admired your work. Conveniently, you have your comments moderated or I would have posted these very words of mine on your blog.

I challenge you to stand up.

Eon Heath.


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So, The Sunshine Gal, who is Always Happy, has tagged everyone who read her blog to take up this tag...So, here it goes...and i did say i would take it up...

Hey, Happy Gal with the Bible, here it is... :D

1) If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?

It has to be my friends bday...mann!! the booze just didn’t stop flowing...hehehhe...what a night!! Mallya must have been proud of us... :D

Ok, hmm, serious... I never thought of this before. Never had anyone asked me this question, so, when i actually come to think of one moment in life which i would like to relive, all i could think of is, “Life has been good to me. I would like to relive my life again...would like to live all of those moments again...So far, the journey has been worthwhile and beautiful. So if i choose any one particular moment in my life, i would be being unfair to all the other moments and the people associated with them.
I would want to thank all the people who in a way or other, been a part of this journey and made it beautiful just by their presence...

2) If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

There are so many things in the past that i wish to change...if only i could. There are regrets, there is fun, there is hate, and there is love...which one do I choose? What all do i change?? And, on the other hand, if i change things back there, would my present be the same? I guess, i would prefer forwarding time than going back...

3) What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?

TV...hmmm, its been over half a decade since i watched something on the TV, India’s cricket matches being an TV is out. Now coming to movies...hmm...there are so many characters i would really want to resemble, but then, i feel am more like “Greg” from “The Diary of The Wimpy Kid”... :D well thats how i am most of the times, but you see, the moon changes face and so in the process it happens to disturb “The Balance” and i try to be Shivam from Awaarapan but unfortunately such endeavours only end up making me more of Devdas Mukherjee... :)

But not the one to lose hope, there would be another beautiful morning and i can still try...hehehe...but on the hindsight, isn’t being Devdas much better than being Shivam?? Agreed both die, but Devdas at least gets to booze!!

I am quite unique a piece to resemble any one particular character... :P

Now being a little serious, my life is pretty shaping up like the very name i got...i donno if it would end so, if it does, i would be only too happy... :)

4) What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?

hmm, now that is really something, what movie character would i wanna be!! Certainly not the superheroes who wear their UGs over their suit...eeeks...

Finally after having thought for a really long time, i do reach a conclusion. I would like to be Marlon Brando from “The Godfather” yes...Don Vito Corleone. He was the perfect Don, a perfect symbol of Mafia. And i should say, the ways of the Mafia has always enticed me. I in fact try to use his ways of dealing and analysing a situation many a times. Not that i have tried his ways of finishing the business... hehehe, but then, isn’t it good to be respected and feared at the same time? Well, even if you disagree, its my tag, i would write down what I think.. :P

5) If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

Don’t really have to think twice before answering this question. There is only one such entity whom i would be glad to push off the cliff...


He has taken a lot more from me than i was willing to give. But then, he runs the show, whom to complain. So i thought the world would be much better a place to live without having him around to dictate terms without offering an explanation.

6) Name one habit you want to change in yourself.

Change?? Who me? Aaahh, blasphemy!! You don’t tinker with perfection... :P hehehe, well there is nothing that i would want to change in me, but if you ask this question to others, they would definitely have a long list of changes to be brought about in me... :P

But then, sometimes, i do feel the need to learn to control my emotions. The blues get pretty heavy on me at times.. :) but then, its cool i guess, its just me...

7) Describe yourself in one word.

A Pilgrim.

8) Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.


9) Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.

To keep alive the feeling of being loved.

10) Name at least 3 people to send this meme to then inform them.

Hmmm, i guess just tagging three people aint would be nice to know about everyone.. :P so people, be nice and take up the tag... :D

11) Link back to the person who tagged you in this meme.

Ok to read her super happy posts, you ppl just need to click here

Thank you all for putting up this... :)

Eon Heath

p.s. - friends i would be outta action for a week or too many things up my sleeve, so do forgive me if am not able to commenton your beautiful posts during this time. :)


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I wish the pain would subside
or i could just let it out...
I wanna figure a way
To calm my soul
Or else i could
Just watch it wither away...

These wounds may heal,
But why don’t
the scars fade...
Staying and reminding
Of the moments
“I forgot”, i say...

I bury my pride
And let that tear ride
Take me home
Take me, where i belong...
Blood, oozes out,
Then why i couldn’t feel the blade?

- Eon Heath

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The Enchantress of Arabia

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You lay naked in your glory,
Underneath the deep blue skies
And the ever summer sun
Flaunting your golden red skin...

The wind carries your fragrance
And sings the tales of romance...
Your mystic eyes could never be veiled,
So enchanting and alluring...

Men come from far away places
Trying to conquer you in their pride
Forgetting of your illusions
That makes believe they have won...

You remind me of time immortal,
Which like you, changes
For a moment, you are oh! so near,
The very next, you are gone...

Hmmm, like i was telling some of my friends, you got to experience this feeling at least once in a lifetime...the feeling of sand underneath your feet, feel the breeze on your face, listen to the song it sings...the sound of the wind through the gentle sand blowing off form the tip of the dunes...haaa, am in love...

I always used to feel this way whenever i read an author describing the deserts...recently i got a chance to live it. Was on my way to Riyadh on the fateful day when India played Pakistan in the semi-finals (yeah i missed it!! Don’t dare mention it in the comments...). And its a 450km drive with most part of the highway in midst of a desert...i was its beauty...watching the dunes, and knowing that on my way back, they wouldn’t be here anymore...imagine witnessing a landscape that is unique every moment..the winds blow the sand from the dunes and that is how they move...i am surely hooked with this enchantress of Arabia...and for that reason alone i can forgive them the miseries they have put me into...[ before your imaginations run wild, let me tell you, its only that there are no women (and alocohol!!!) around...(hey Chhori, am not cheating on you, its just that i appreciate beauty.. ;-) )]

-Eon Heath...

(pic courtesy - google)

A Song...

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Ok friends, about this post, well i tried my hand at writing a song this time...and the reason behind it is, there is this one song Someday By John Legend from August Rush which i just happen to love...and i listen to it n no of times in a day. So the last time when i was listening to it, i had these words forming in me...

The dreams we saw,
N promises made,
Were for us,
To live together...

Now am left alone,
I don’t know how it happened,
Just moments before,
You, were here...
The words were true,
Now am left alone...

But i still remember
The sweet scent of your touch
And i can never forget
The taste of your lips, on mine...

So i choose to walk alone...
Be alone and finish wats left undone...
To keep our worlds together,
Be together..
With you forever....

When you read these lines, i just want you all to keep that tune playing in your mind....thanks...

dedicated, as always,
to you love....

Dancing in the moonlight...

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I wanna feel you tonight,
and just dance in this moonlight...

Kiss your lips,
hold you close,
just sing it to you,
any song that you chose...

Walk in the rain,
with my arms around your waist,
just love you baby,
coz' thats what i know best...

i still wanna feel you tonight,
and dance, even without the moonlight...

(image is googled)

For Japan n its People...

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we humans salviate,
never really care
whats right or wrong...

ignorant in our hunger,
we forget
what goes away, comes along...

life comes crawling down,
the wounds never heal
n the numb never gone...

it seeps through our soul,
innocent hearts, if not god
death have mercy upon...

p.s. - what really inspired me to write this one is a video by "Dream Theatre"

the music is so so beautifully describes pain suffering, the silence that follows after the destrcution...

If music were words,
this is the best speech i have heard...

My Other Lady...

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It’s the final goodbye,
Its time to leave you tonight…

You give love,
To all who ask,
they sing of you,
In their glory, you bask…

They sing of the days,
They sing of the nights,
They sing of every moment,
Spent in your sweet embrace…

You hold them in love,
You share their pain,
You bleed with their wounds,
Yet in silence, you pray…

I live in your kindness,
I wish to die the same way,
But time is a journey,
It takes me far away…

The day my journey ends,
I will be back with you my love,
Till then, it’s the final goodbye,

p.s. - its an ode to love...from the time i can think of, i have been hopelessly in love with this city...will be parting ways from this sweetheart soon...i just pray i find it so when i return...
i wanted to write a long post about what it means to me, may be one day i will, till then, here is Mumbai...
(The image is googled)

My Valentine...

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My life is blank,
And so are my verses,
You were the words,
That coloured my canvas…

They ask me to sing,
Few many a lines of praises,
I filled them with you,
The only song in my senses…

I painted my feelings,
And they taunt me to write,
I pen down my tears,
Yet another day, I fight…

Walking towards the darkness,
That haunts my way,
Searching for the alleys,
Where you, my precious lay…

For you,
your silhouette...

p.s.- friends, i remember i promised to post a happy song before valentine, but the past few days weren't one of the best...

An Award...

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Well, to be happy to get this...More than the award, its the feel to know that there are people out there who like your writings, the appreciation, it motivates us to come out with better stuff...

So, let me start by thanking the wonderful person who passed along this award to me. Meher, thanks gal...She posts her wonderful writings on two different blogs, namely
i. Translucid Graffiti.
Here you would find ramblings that are turbulent at times, but yet packed with emotions.
ii.Tryst with newness.
And in this, you would find the posts more thought oriented and refined. Serious writings.

Ok, now comes the part where i am supposed to share se7en things about myself...

1. For me, my friends come above everything else. They are my first priorities.
2. The only colours i like are 'black' & 'white'
3. I love tea, but am addicted to sugarless espressos..
4. My name is a gift from her, so is my email id. so literally, i am her silhouette...
5. i am comfortable in my loneliness and pain. But i am happy in life. there are regrets, but i have moved ahead from my past...
6. i have been in a bar at 3am, which eventually was raided by the police.
7. i am one of the laziest persons around. i skip lunch if Mom isnt around to serve it for me...

I would like to pass on this award to,
(Going in alphabetical order)

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Words of Silence

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There are many more to whom i would have been more than glad to pass on this award, but, most already have it and a few others no longer post their writings...

To the ppl i have mentioned above, there are a few things you are expected to do after this...they are:-
a. Write down seven things about yourself.
b. Pass it on to people you feel deserve it.
c. Ask them to follow suit.
d. Continue writing those beautiful posts.

And of informing everyone about their awards, will be glad to do it at the earliest...

the days go by,
and seasons die...
in your arms,
forever i lie...

Eon Heath...


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Dil ki banjar zameen thi,
Yaadon ka gulistan liye baitha tha…
Tum aaoge iski umeed tho nahi thi magar,
Ek jhalak ki aas liye baitha tha…

Guzra jo manzar tha pyaar ka,
Kisi toofan ki tarah chala gaya…
Ojhal kiya nazron se usse,
Jo dil ko sabse pyaara tha…

Jannat ko bhi thukra du rabba,
Tu pathjad mein jo usko basa de agar…
Muskura kar jahan chod du,
Janaze ko woh dekhne aaye agar…

Rishtey toh sabhi paraye hue,
Ishq mein itna madhosh jo raha…
Saaye ne bhi saath na diya,
Is mein uska bhi toh koi dosh na tha…

Aaj phir dhadkano ko mehsoos hua,
Teri aahat mere abroo ko choo gayi…
Tu tassavur hai mere khayalon ki,
Lo aaj phir mujhe tanha chod gayi…

Khamosh si teri palkon par,
Kuch jazbaat ubhar kar reh gayi...
Khata teri bhi nahi shayad,
Shama jalne se pehle hi jo dhal gayi...

My sincere apologies to all my readers who dont understand "Hindi", but i do promise to come up with something else soon. Recent times have been a bit hectic, so didnt get to concentrate on my blog. And i do remember of my promise to a couple of my readers to come up with a "Happy Happy" post, am trying, will surely write something before Valentines...

The Silhouette...


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The days tormenting,
and nights never ending,
buried in these dungeons,
are my feelings, undying...

crying in silence,
still holding to your essence...
i feel your presence,
through this distance, insane...

cursed in love,
endowed by fate...
an eternity of suffering,
a destiny of pain...

shadows still haunting,
paths, i fear to tread...
wounds, still bleeding,
the past, never fades...


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Distance too far,
Your voice trails away…
Leaving me no choice,
Just hoping you’ll stay..

Promises unkept,
All along the way,
Resurrect me,
To die another day…

Wrote it back in March '09, these lines were supposed to be completed, but then the one who wished to complete it aint around...i guess some things are just meant to be so...


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Sound of the silence,
Silence through time,
Waiting for a whisper,
Whisper of your voice...

Waiting for a lifetime,
Lifetime spent for a moment,
Walking in the dark,
Darkness hiding your absence...

Weeping between smiles,
The smile binding my pain,
Longing to close the distance,
Distance turning me insane...

Longing for your touch,
Touch i would never feel again,
Dying with the winter,
Only this winter would come again...

This one, i wrote it more than a year ago, but never posted it, reading it again, i can only feel the irony of life...
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