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By the Window, She stands...

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The sun shines high,
The alleys stay deserted...
The night sets in,
Life brews...

They come in herds, men.
To buy what they lack,
A few, to find what they lost.

The alleys sell love,
A filth in light,
Treasured till dawn...

She stands by the window,
Looking for love,
Or selling hers?

Most savage her,
A few savour,
In the end, none care...

She takes them all,
A few lovers,
The rest lechers...

She is tainted,
For she takes
The sorrows of the day...

And yet in the nights,
The very mouths,
Seek her arms solace...

The day rises,
She retreats...
The night engulfs,
By the window, she is...

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An Accusation.

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What is a post? What is a poem? Ok, lets us go back. What are words? Still back, why do we write? I have heard and come to believe, that we write to express, and words are the bridge that lets us express. It helps us convey our emotions, feelings that build up inside, and that may be joy, pain, love, hatred, anything.
Bu then, why don’t we sing? Or why don’t we paint? Why don’t we dance? We do. We paint the words to dance, to the tune of our will. To express.

I was told, “Words are sacred, respect them.” And so I did. I always try to check for typos, though at times I overlook them. I try to write the full word and not use our modern “sms lingo” but at times I still do. I try not to be profane. For it would wash off their purity. But then, at times I cannot help, I become weak. I fail to check my language and curse the people who show dis-respect to what I believe is pure.

I write, when I feel the words building in me. I write when am touched inside. Touched by beauty, pain, or love. Today I write, for I am pained and there is dislike and anger. Why? For someone tainted the glass window, that showed me her picture. I know it still doesn’t make sense, what I say, but have patience my friends, for I will reveal my intentions.

People who write have the gift of expressing their thoughts through words. And people who read them, and leave a note commenting on them, have the gift to understand those words. My friends, we all are here on Blogger to express our thoughts and relate to others. To learn from each other. There are no rules for writing. You are free to write anything on your blogs. And the readers have the choice to read what they wish to. We do not follow a blog to get readership for ourselves, nor do we write for comments. We read to understand, to relate, and to communicate. And we write for the same.

Now, suppose a daily scenario, where you read a post and relate to it very well. Next thing, you leave a comment expressing the delight, your joy on being able to relate to it. The beauty, of the authorship, of those words which could touch your soul. Next thing, next time, you are eager to read his compositions, for who could weave such beauty once can surely do it again. You read, you comment. But then, what happens if those words lie? No, words can never lie. It’s the hand that wields the pen that has lied!! And its deceit he has lead you into, for making you believe that those words were his.

Why? Only that person can answer that question. What makes us so selfish to plagiarise someone else’s art and name them ours? Why can’t we appreciate the beauty of those words? Why do we have to darken our souls and steal?
Yes, this post is about it. Plagiarism. A dreaded word for an author. A sign of disrespect towards a gift. Blasphemy it is.

My dear friends, I wish put in front of your judgement, a situation. A fellow blogger has posted a write up under his name and collected all the accolades for it. Not anywhere has he mentioned the slightest of the hint that those words weren’t his.

The source from where it has been copied is not “Blogger” and the post is not a recent one. In fact, the person whose actual work it is, is a lady who had posted it way back on Nov 20th 2007. The link for which is this, and the link of the post, whose authenticity I question is this.

Sourav Pandey, I wish to hear from you. I wish you would drop a comment here on my blog. The person whose blog you have plagiarised is not my friend. The only relation we have is, we write. Yes, we WRITE. For me, writing is sacred gift. I respect it. You may claim that person to be you, for the author is incognito, but then, I ask, why would you write portraying yourself as a Lady? So I rule out the chance of it to be you.

Still if you do prove it your own, I promise you to write an apology similar to this accusation and post it here.

You have 372 followers and 1352 people liking your work. I feel disgusted thinking of the way you misguided them. For you lied to your friends, who admired your work. Conveniently, you have your comments moderated or I would have posted these very words of mine on your blog.

I challenge you to stand up.

Eon Heath.


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So, The Sunshine Gal, who is Always Happy, has tagged everyone who read her blog to take up this tag...So, here it goes...and i did say i would take it up...

Hey, Happy Gal with the Bible, here it is... :D

1) If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?

It has to be my friends bday...mann!! the booze just didn’t stop flowing...hehehhe...what a night!! Mallya must have been proud of us... :D

Ok, hmm, serious... I never thought of this before. Never had anyone asked me this question, so, when i actually come to think of one moment in life which i would like to relive, all i could think of is, “Life has been good to me. I would like to relive my life again...would like to live all of those moments again...So far, the journey has been worthwhile and beautiful. So if i choose any one particular moment in my life, i would be being unfair to all the other moments and the people associated with them.
I would want to thank all the people who in a way or other, been a part of this journey and made it beautiful just by their presence...

2) If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

There are so many things in the past that i wish to change...if only i could. There are regrets, there is fun, there is hate, and there is love...which one do I choose? What all do i change?? And, on the other hand, if i change things back there, would my present be the same? I guess, i would prefer forwarding time than going back...

3) What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?

TV...hmmm, its been over half a decade since i watched something on the TV, India’s cricket matches being an TV is out. Now coming to movies...hmm...there are so many characters i would really want to resemble, but then, i feel am more like “Greg” from “The Diary of The Wimpy Kid”... :D well thats how i am most of the times, but you see, the moon changes face and so in the process it happens to disturb “The Balance” and i try to be Shivam from Awaarapan but unfortunately such endeavours only end up making me more of Devdas Mukherjee... :)

But not the one to lose hope, there would be another beautiful morning and i can still try...hehehe...but on the hindsight, isn’t being Devdas much better than being Shivam?? Agreed both die, but Devdas at least gets to booze!!

I am quite unique a piece to resemble any one particular character... :P

Now being a little serious, my life is pretty shaping up like the very name i got...i donno if it would end so, if it does, i would be only too happy... :)

4) What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?

hmm, now that is really something, what movie character would i wanna be!! Certainly not the superheroes who wear their UGs over their suit...eeeks...

Finally after having thought for a really long time, i do reach a conclusion. I would like to be Marlon Brando from “The Godfather” yes...Don Vito Corleone. He was the perfect Don, a perfect symbol of Mafia. And i should say, the ways of the Mafia has always enticed me. I in fact try to use his ways of dealing and analysing a situation many a times. Not that i have tried his ways of finishing the business... hehehe, but then, isn’t it good to be respected and feared at the same time? Well, even if you disagree, its my tag, i would write down what I think.. :P

5) If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?

Don’t really have to think twice before answering this question. There is only one such entity whom i would be glad to push off the cliff...


He has taken a lot more from me than i was willing to give. But then, he runs the show, whom to complain. So i thought the world would be much better a place to live without having him around to dictate terms without offering an explanation.

6) Name one habit you want to change in yourself.

Change?? Who me? Aaahh, blasphemy!! You don’t tinker with perfection... :P hehehe, well there is nothing that i would want to change in me, but if you ask this question to others, they would definitely have a long list of changes to be brought about in me... :P

But then, sometimes, i do feel the need to learn to control my emotions. The blues get pretty heavy on me at times.. :) but then, its cool i guess, its just me...

7) Describe yourself in one word.

A Pilgrim.

8) Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.


9) Why do you blog? Answer in one sentence.

To keep alive the feeling of being loved.

10) Name at least 3 people to send this meme to then inform them.

Hmmm, i guess just tagging three people aint would be nice to know about everyone.. :P so people, be nice and take up the tag... :D

11) Link back to the person who tagged you in this meme.

Ok to read her super happy posts, you ppl just need to click here

Thank you all for putting up this... :)

Eon Heath

p.s. - friends i would be outta action for a week or too many things up my sleeve, so do forgive me if am not able to commenton your beautiful posts during this time. :)


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I wish the pain would subside
or i could just let it out...
I wanna figure a way
To calm my soul
Or else i could
Just watch it wither away...

These wounds may heal,
But why don’t
the scars fade...
Staying and reminding
Of the moments
“I forgot”, i say...

I bury my pride
And let that tear ride
Take me home
Take me, where i belong...
Blood, oozes out,
Then why i couldn’t feel the blade?

- Eon Heath

(image: Google)

The Enchantress of Arabia

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You lay naked in your glory,
Underneath the deep blue skies
And the ever summer sun
Flaunting your golden red skin...

The wind carries your fragrance
And sings the tales of romance...
Your mystic eyes could never be veiled,
So enchanting and alluring...

Men come from far away places
Trying to conquer you in their pride
Forgetting of your illusions
That makes believe they have won...

You remind me of time immortal,
Which like you, changes
For a moment, you are oh! so near,
The very next, you are gone...

Hmmm, like i was telling some of my friends, you got to experience this feeling at least once in a lifetime...the feeling of sand underneath your feet, feel the breeze on your face, listen to the song it sings...the sound of the wind through the gentle sand blowing off form the tip of the dunes...haaa, am in love...

I always used to feel this way whenever i read an author describing the deserts...recently i got a chance to live it. Was on my way to Riyadh on the fateful day when India played Pakistan in the semi-finals (yeah i missed it!! Don’t dare mention it in the comments...). And its a 450km drive with most part of the highway in midst of a desert...i was its beauty...watching the dunes, and knowing that on my way back, they wouldn’t be here anymore...imagine witnessing a landscape that is unique every moment..the winds blow the sand from the dunes and that is how they move...i am surely hooked with this enchantress of Arabia...and for that reason alone i can forgive them the miseries they have put me into...[ before your imaginations run wild, let me tell you, its only that there are no women (and alocohol!!!) around...(hey Chhori, am not cheating on you, its just that i appreciate beauty.. ;-) )]

-Eon Heath...

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