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On the edge of Darkness and Light...

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The drink in his hand was to still touch his lips. His gaze seemed to be on the brightly lit city sprawling in front of him, as far as his eyes could see, or may be on the sea to the right of the city. He seldom joked to his friends about his apartment, “I live on the edge, where the sea of lights meets the sea of darkness..”

Tonight, unlike the other evenings, his mind wasn’t thinking about the limitless possibilities that the city held, nor was he lost in the depths of the dark sea. The thoughts that circled his mind were of the land that lay beyond the vast sea of darkness. Not the land of tomorrow, but the land of yesterday. The place, that was once “home”.

His closed eyes were seeing, or rather living all that once was, but no longer is.

The first sip from the glass was more like a wave of nostalgia. The smile playing silently on his lips was the perfect irony of the pain inside of him. How long was long enough to be back, or how long was long enough to be soon? Is it time to return? To go back to those familiar streets, to the familiar smell and all those familiar faces.

The glass was almost empty, but his mind was only gathering more thoughts, more questions. Will it still feel like “Home”? Will it be like it once used to be? The flicker of doubt, fuelled only by his insecurities. His life had come to become like his joke, “on the edge of darkness and light…” For he knew well that he belonged to neither of the two. For, the darkness saw him in the face of light and the light never saw him.

The glass was empty, the song changed. “ye jo des hai tera, swades hai tera…”

Those closed eyes welcomed the sleep, and so did the thoughts…

P.s.- Special thanks to Sneha Sharma, for a conversation that happened on 5th March 2011. :)

The Joker...

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Demons of the night,
Preying on my dreams,
Got nothing to give you,
Just broken memories…

So tell me if you could stand,
The sounds of painful screams,
The sight of crimson eyes,
Cry echoing deep within…

So, are you wondering now,
How I smile and deceive,
I just ripped my heart,
Till it could no longer feel…

Yes I am the foolish joker,
And I prey on your demons,
For all my sleepless night,
I wish you sleep in peace…

- Eon Heath

p.s.- The post is not about the Joker character from "The Dark Knight" the image is only for illustration purpose.

image courtesy - The Dark Knight


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Days of the setting sun,
Nights with moonless skies,
Hey stranger,
Why do you pass me by?

Empty glasses of wine,
Room filled with smoke,
For what we say eternity,
Is still a count of time…

The faces, each
Has some story,
Of battles lost,
And some that never knew glory…

They come to rest,
Refill the glass with wine,
Am I the inn?
Each stranger passes by…

- Eon Heath

p.s.- Hey people, i am posting after a real long time, sincere apologies. Work is hectic, so couldnt give much time to writing.
Cant say for sure that am back, but hope i would. And also hope to catch up on your posts soon.


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Broken Verses
Empty thoughts,
Days of darkness
For their purpose is lost…

Wailing and screaming
I find comfort in the past,
Sulking and dying
Its shadow is cast…

Smiles all fake
I am numb within,
Beneath the scars
My wounds still exist…

Haunted by the voice
“why wasn’t it me instead?”
Life is a curse
Death has blessed me with…

-Eon Heath
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A fairytale...

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With days of joy
and nights of splendour,
In her grand palace
the princess lives...

Battling demons
in lands distant,
bringing glory
for her kingdom,
he fights...

In their breathe,
the people sing
One of her beauty,
in other of his strength...

But lechers speak,
of the bond forbidden
A warrior is no match
for the heiress of the kingdom...

A king of his stature,
shrewd he is
calls upon the warrior,
and throws a feast...

Amidst all the roars
and laughter,
she toasts to her brave warrior
and in his pride,
he drinks...

Up above in the heavens,
the angels weep
The fairytale ends,
and forever he sleeps...

- Eon Heath

P.s.- Been away for a real long time...will take a while to be back...remember me friends...

Image - Robinhood. ;-)
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