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Happpyyy Me... :D

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Ok...a couple of weeks back this bebe was spreading positive vibes through her fab blog, and she happened to shower some on me too...

Thank you so much Kanika!!! You all can read her blog here...she calls it "Sensitive Chaos" and it is so full of life!! you'll find yourself agreeing to most of what she says... :) follow it, coz, one "not so fine day" when you are feeling low, reading her post will surely bring a smile on your face... :) my word for it.

And passing on this award will have to wait for now for the desert calls me and i feel it wouldnt be fair if i just pass this on without proper words saying why i give it to someone, like an introduction...

and friends, well, as most of you would be knowing, am currently romancing the sands and so am not being able to post anything... :(

will be back soon....


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I play this game of numbers,
Its an equilibrium of chance…
In this world full of change,
They never seem to break their trance…

I throw a two at a couple,
And draw a three
when I see a crowd…
but why is it?
That loneliness
Always ends its count at one…

I try and balance
Life in between their spaces,
And I try to hear
What they seldom say loud…
My mind goes blank
And for the void it brings,
A zero is all I have…

I played this game of numbers,
An equilibrium of chance…
In this world of constant change,
I have learnt
To hold on, to my trance…

-Eon Heath

p.s.- This particular post is inspired by two people, or rather, their creation. The first one being Sting's "Shape of My Heart" and the second is, well a fellow blogger...
Vaisakhi, your this particular post, "Rolling dice" was simply the best!! and yes, it inspired me to write this one... :)


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Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

What was i hoping,
What was i planning,
why couldnt i see it coming?
Its agonizing,

Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

The anger rising,
its tantalizing,
Forcing me into breaking
am choking
dying inside...

Expectations, Realizations. Rejection.

am still living...

-Eon Heath

p.s. nothing. am fine. its just a writng.

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