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NOT just another day...

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Ok, Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well, i would say, this is not the kinda Birthday i have each year... (Don’t even ask how it usually is...) Its different this year....all the people who generally are around are far...n people who i haven't met are here with me...well not physically here, but i am talking to almost all my blog buddies simultaneously...
Over this past few months, this blog, has been more than a portal to me, it’s been my savior... (Wondering how?? well that's for the melodramatic effect) i have met so many beautiful people here...when i say beautiful, i mean, beautiful on the inside... ;-) it’s always better to be specific... ;-) n well today they are a part of my day. Talking to them, messaging, making fun...
this day has been something...we say we grow an year older, n probably wiser... ( i don't really know how much more wiser i would turn out... :-/) i guess you people would beg to differ on that... :P

i was feeling low last night, thinking about the crazy adventures i had with my kamine (useless) friends, on either of our thing we did no matter what was, BOOZE!!! And here, poor me have to do with the desi fermented daru... :-/ (Ok, don't make that “ewww" look of disgust on your faces....heard of the phrase. “Majboori Ka Naam Gandhi??") But then, i was chatting with someone till the wee hours of morning...(morning for her, night for me... :D) n well the whole night my phone too refused to stop felt good.. (Though on normal days i would have got frustrated for my sleep being disturbed...) but like i said, it felt people messaging even from the STATES.. (BEEG THING RIGHT???) well she wished me after like four of five it was a beeg thing...and in the morning, right since i logged in of fb, n gtalk...people started wishing me... :) it’s good to know people are happy for you... :D

And well how can I forget all the SPECIAL people on fb who made full use of my resolution to be a good boy on my birthday, and had so much fun at my expense….well, for you guys, only one line…. “there is always a tomorrow..” you’ll be sorry…. *he ha ha ha ha…* <--- that is my Mogambo style laughter…

And to all those who said my DP is SCARY!!!! (yes the 2 of you…) Dubai se bhai ka phone aayega tumhe… :P

n well i don't really want to drag this long, but, i just wanted to thank all my friends...yeah you people, whom i me through this blog...n well, i wanted to tell you people, "you are people mean a lot... :)"

OK, too much lets get practical...don't DARE TO ASK ME FOR BDAY TREAT WITHOUT TELLING ME WHAT IS MY BDAY can mail it to...well interested people can contact me here to get my mailing address... "Incoming free hai bhai.."

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the tears streaming down
my eyes,
are just memories
of your smile...

i cant let go
the days you were mine,
for its all of you
that i'll ever  have...

scarred, i am drenched
in this crimson tide,
the pain is only
on the inside...

i wish i could say
am over those days,
but thats where, unhealed,
my heart still lays....


Eon Heath
p.s. - no image for this post and no title too....its as incomplete as my thoughts and my dumb head*.... :)

* - this point is added on the kind request of Poonam.doc who happens to have a wonderful blog here.. (psst pssst, she also tops my list of "doctors to be away from" :D)
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