A fairytale...

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With days of joy
and nights of splendour,
In her grand palace
the princess lives...

Battling demons
in lands distant,
bringing glory
for her kingdom,
he fights...

In their breathe,
the people sing
One of her beauty,
in other of his strength...

But lechers speak,
of the bond forbidden
A warrior is no match
for the heiress of the kingdom...

A king of his stature,
shrewd he is
calls upon the warrior,
and throws a feast...

Amidst all the roars
and laughter,
she toasts to her brave warrior
and in his pride,
he drinks...

Up above in the heavens,
the angels weep
The fairytale ends,
and forever he sleeps...

- Eon Heath

P.s.- Been away for a real long time...will take a while to be back...remember me friends...

Image - Robinhood. ;-)