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open your eyes girl,
isnt it a bit too long
i've been waiting by your bedside
of soft earth and grass

look at the stars so lovely
they beckon you to gaze at them
for even they are waiting
for your eyes to savour them...

the night is spreading its cover,
of smooth dark velvet
over your ivory skin
it cradles u in ur sleep

the sun rises with hope
of not the new day
but it awaits its sunshine
thats lost with your smile...

my pain seems so little
when i look at all of them
they seem so lost
in the gloom of your absence...

-Eon Heath

P.s.- its been really long that i posted just putting up this post that i had written a few months back...
a bit cuaght up with work these days, will be back...soon.. ;-)
n my sincere apologies to all my friends for not catching up with your posts... :(

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