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Well, to be happy to get this...More than the award, its the feel to know that there are people out there who like your writings, the appreciation, it motivates us to come out with better stuff...

So, let me start by thanking the wonderful person who passed along this award to me. Meher, thanks gal...She posts her wonderful writings on two different blogs, namely
i. Translucid Graffiti.
Here you would find ramblings that are turbulent at times, but yet packed with emotions.
ii.Tryst with newness.
And in this, you would find the posts more thought oriented and refined. Serious writings.

Ok, now comes the part where i am supposed to share se7en things about myself...

1. For me, my friends come above everything else. They are my first priorities.
2. The only colours i like are 'black' & 'white'
3. I love tea, but am addicted to sugarless espressos..
4. My name is a gift from her, so is my email id. so literally, i am her silhouette...
5. i am comfortable in my loneliness and pain. But i am happy in life. there are regrets, but i have moved ahead from my past...
6. i have been in a bar at 3am, which eventually was raided by the police.
7. i am one of the laziest persons around. i skip lunch if Mom isnt around to serve it for me...

I would like to pass on this award to,
(Going in alphabetical order)

A Journey Called Me..

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Sounds of Subtlety...:)


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♥*`My Drawings and Paintings`*♥

There are many more to whom i would have been more than glad to pass on this award, but, most already have it and a few others no longer post their writings...

To the ppl i have mentioned above, there are a few things you are expected to do after this...they are:-
a. Write down seven things about yourself.
b. Pass it on to people you feel deserve it.
c. Ask them to follow suit.
d. Continue writing those beautiful posts.

And of informing everyone about their awards, will be glad to do it at the earliest...

the days go by,
and seasons die...
in your arms,
forever i lie...

Eon Heath...