A Lady, The Lady.

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I was born to give life,
I lived to nurture it,
I love, so I am…

They seek, for they believe
I am their mother,
And I can set them free…

They try to capture,
What they forget
Is not theirs…

I endure in silence,
Their wounds of lies,
For I know pain…

I carry their guilt,
Of robbing my soul,
For they themselves are weak…

I play their acts,
Of many a roles,
For its them I deceive…

I walk in shadows,
And give them my light,
For their blindness I pity…

They say am caged,
To the chains of their mercy,
Ignorance is my bliss…

I laugh and cry,
At these mortal beings,
For I am the woman they seek…

Ok, the image, well its a painting by Raja Ravi Varma. and its not for the painting that i wrote these lines, but infact after writing those words when i thought about the type of picture that i needed, all i could think of was, the person who first showed me this picture. To tell more about her would be like a story of an eternity, for we know each other since i donno, since my brains got the power to know i guess...(Though it may not seem so, but its a real long time back!!)

Hey, miss you... :)

Eon Heath...(***di)