Ethically Unethical

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“You are still talking to her?” Akash’s dad shouted. His voice fully expressed the anger he felt. Akash just glanced towards him. No words, but the look said it all. They never got along well, but Akash’s relationship with Tapasya had only aggravated it.

It was a daily thing, Akash’s dad returning back after a stressful day and occasionally seeing his only son on the line with a girl, his dad referred to her as ‘That Woman’, or sometimes ‘That B***h’. His dad didn’t mind his son having an affair, but this was different, Tapasya was a Divorcee and had kids. “So what?” Akash would argue. She is a divorcee is not a fault of hers, and moreover she is of your daughter’s age!! His whole family dis-approved, and that included his sister, who was till recently his close friend more than a sister.

“Is falling in love with a divorcee wrong? Is it so wrong to part ways with a person who abuses you and sleeps around with different girls wrong? Is it always ‘The Woman’ who is wrong? Once married, is it necessary for a wife to bear everything no matter what the husband does? Is her life over? Doesn’t she have the right to live her own life on her terms?”

“It’s against the society. I would lose my respect among our people.” Akash’s dad fumed. “Are you living for the society of yours or your family? Where were your so called people when you needed them?”

The argument never ends. The dinner is never served. The night begins with a dead silence and whispered sobs.

Akash prays for forgiveness, for he had raised his voice with his parents. His parents pray, for their son to get some sense.

How much does Ethics matter in todays society?? To be honest, the society never does develops, or rather, the pace is painfully slow. Is falling in love ethical?? Is it wrong to stand by someone you love? or is it more right to follow the path your parents choose for you? coz they brought you up??