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He watched her through the corner of his eyes. He knew if he looked at her directly he wouldn’t be able to resist her.

“You know you want me. Why are you fighting against your will? You are going to give in ultimately, then why not give in now?” Her voice was no less intoxicating than she was. The husky tone in which she spoke could seduce even the sanest of man to want her.

He looked at her. The white of her gown and her ochre skin, how could anyone resist her? He remembered people warning, “She is a wildling. A temptation best not submitted to.”

His mind raced to the first time he had her. It was curiosity and intrigue. And yes, desire!! Desire that was fuelled by the many tales he had heard from men who have had her before. To say, the first time was not even close to the hype he had created in his mind. She was ordinary. But then he craved to have her once more. The craving, led to habit.

“Am not a habit love, am your addiction.” She pouted her lips inviting him to taste her again.

“No you are not. I can cut you off anytime I wish. Not yet. Not so soon. I wish to savour you a little more.”

She laughed at him. Mocking him. “You are so naïve sweetheart. Am the only one you have known, and I have seen many of your kind come and go. I am the apple Adam couldn’t refuse. Its death I give you in pieces. And knowingly you accept it. Why can’t you just accept that I own you? You are a slave to me.”

Her words didn’t register in his mind, for he was drinking in her sensuality. He was reliving the last encounter with her. Remembering the ecstasy. He walked towards her and kissed her full on the lips.

“Yes, am addicted to you. Not because I need you every day, because I need you at my worst. I need you when everything else fails. And so, am addicted to the drug you infuse in me.”

He exhaled a thick ring of smoke, and the conversation in his mind ended.