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It was a winter evening, the sun had set early. It felt almost like night. But no, it wasn’t night yet. For, the moon was nowhere in the horizon. And without the moon, the night was never complete.
She stared at the moonless sky. In the night’s emptiness, she could feel the hollow inside her own self. It had been sometime since she wrote anything. But the words in her mind, she wanted to pen them this time.

I have lost myself,
Help me find me…

The emptiness hit her again. She thought of the days when words were her muse, she could weave them like magic. Words would dance to her tune. Now, as if all that was dear to her was taken away. Yes, may be that was her emptiness. The void, created by absence. But absence of what?

The reflection, it stares back,
Questions, “who are you?”
“What have you turned into?”

Her train of thoughts moved ahead. She sought some reason, a reason for her pain. A reason for her loneliness, the void, the emptiness.

Everything is falling apart,
But I can’t find the pieces…

She longed for that peace again. She longed, for that shoulder, for those arms that would comfort her. Tell her that its ok, everything will be ok. She longed for that void to be filled again.

Whom to hold to?
Wrecked, I am left…

She saw it then. The moon, it was full. The darkness seem to recede, the emptiness was gone. And at that moment she knew. He was always around, he never really left. In the shadows, he was waiting. All she had to do was, call out to him.


P.s.- The verses aren't mine. Someone asked me to post it on their behalf. i thought of putting their name on it, but then, i feel it is better this way.

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