The Shepherd

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Far beyond this land,
tales of joy, was heard and sung…
and with the choir,
all their sorrows were shun…

Merry were the folks,
as the men toiled in farms
the women worked the pans
and the childs’ lessons were taught…

Along came a shepherd
the eyes followed his foot,
for they never knew a shepherd,
who tended no sheep to root…

Flocked by curious mouth,
as he laid by the tree
the village square was full,
gathering of intrigued beings…

One dared bid him to words,
“O man, have you lost your sheep?”
a gentle smile on his eyes,
He said,”I but tend to two legged beasts”

Bewildered, they sought,
“Where are such beasts you seek,
for never in our land,
has a soul spot such leech!!”

“For what the mirror shows
is all but a scarless face,
seek whats inside
and the beast would show its trace.”

Shuddered the people of the town,
for fear is from that’s unknown
sought the ways to cleanse,
of hearts from beasts foretold...

Shepherd, was the devil
for he planted the seeds of doubt…
in their fearful heart,
now all the joys were lost…

- Eon Heath

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