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Why am I so confused
with what I think
I refuse to believe
In those sweet nothings…
I walk looking for
Empty streets…
Often ending up
At the place we meet…

Am still to forget
The ways of your smile
And I cant give up
Treating myself unkind…

The look of your eyes
Tell me you are still mine
And its just not wise
To let someone reside…

This transition of my life
Is something
I cant stand this time…
Wake me up
Or let me sleep
I wanna get better
than just memories……
I say, should I give up
Or should I fight
Keep on dreaming
Of you each night…

- Eon Heath

i cant really say what provoked me to write this...it had something to do with a conversation with a fellow blogger and a little bit of the draught going on..
jokes apart, there are moments that question the foundation of your belief, your faith...tried to capture on such moment for me...

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